I’m an art quilter and I’m a printmaker, but I was a printmaker first. I’m intrigued by how various substrates grab ink and I’ll print on anything I find just to see what happens. I print on nonwoven substrates like Evolon, Lutradur, Tyvek, and interfacings, as well as all sorts of woven textiles and — of course — paper.

As for what I print, it’s fairly common for me to see a texture in nature or in the built environment and want to ink it up. I’ve had these urges concerning bits of pavement, monuments, packing materials, and the soles of shoes as well as wood grain, leaves and petals, roots, and body parts.

I confess that I indulge the urge rather frequently.

I also print from fabric “plates” – things I’ve stitched together. I layer images, often combining a monotype with collograph or screen prints or with stamping. I work in small series. Lately I’ve been exploring a number of interrelated themes including climate change and human ingenuity.