Every new piece is an experiment with shape, color, texture and the stitching line.

Working in a series is my favorite way to learn as I can see the influence of each experiment on the next.

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I’m an art quilter and a printmaker, but I was a printmaker first. I now work to blend the two — regularly printing on quilts and stitching through prints.

I’m intrigued by how various substrates grab ink and will print on anything I find just to see what happens. It’s fairly common for me to see a texture in nature or in the built environment and want to ink it up. I’ve had these urges concerning bits of pavement, monuments, packing materials, and the soles of shoes as well as wood grain, leaves and petals, roots, and body parts. I confess that I indulge the urge rather frequently.

I love the surprises that come with incorporating unconventional and found materials and source much of the raw material for my work from SCRAP.