Charmed by Edinburgh

On a visit to Edinburgh in 2019, I took 54,107 steps in three days and captured 175 photos of the pavement. (I am convinced that other artists will understand this…)

The streets revealed the ebb and flow of people walking spanning hundreds of years — footfalls wearing down ironwork and leaving prints for me to detect. You can sense which have long been the heavily trafficked streets and which the quiet byways.

Though not traditional, this is a charm quilt. Each block is a unique image transferred to packing tape and hand painted from the back a la glass painting. I used the palette that Edinburgh revealed to me — gray, buff, blue-gray and dusty rose.

Materials & TechniquesPacking tape, acrylic paints and medium, Lutradur border, felt batting, cotton backing. Finished with satin stitch.DimensionsH: 50” x W: 46” (including gap between panels)Price$1000.00Date2020

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