Earlier Work– Balanced, Courage

The Magpie: a crow dressed to impress. An open wing flashes the highest of high contrast. A tail glows with iridescent blue and green. I’m convinced magpies know they can hypnotize with their wings; that they pose when still, head cocked to make the most of the dramatic white splash across their backs. Their teamwork (mobbing) creates a breathtaking and richly dynamic pattern of dark and light. My exploration of magpies includes drawing, printmaking, and stitching. I am layering images and impressions and, as I work, I am building new layers of devotion to these intelligent and brave birds.

Exhibited as part of The Crow Show at the ___ gallery in San Diego

As a student, I thought of myself as an abstract artist. Lately, it seems that I can’t make art that is divorced from context. But I am sometimes surprised by the link between what I do and what’s going on. Three years back we had a horrific fire season. Without conscious intention, I found myself making prints with red and gold that – after the fact – seemed to me to be balls of fire. Later that year the drought broke. The rain was so very welcome, and I remember watching the world grow green and lush. No longer surprised, I discovered that my prints were greening up. Courage is part of a small series of monotypes referencing that very special spring.

Materials & TechniquesThermofax screen print with gold leaf and stamping; Gel plate monotype on Stonehenge DimensionsTBDPrice$150.00Date2019; 2018

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