Studio News

In March of 2020, at the beginning of Shelter-in-Place, I hit on the idea that I could stay in touch with my friends and family with a fun artsy newsletter. I was spending countless hours in my studio, alone. It was thrilling. I made messes. I cleaned them up. I made more messes. I cleaned those up…  It got lonely fast.

Studio News was a weekly for so many months. My spirits were buoyed by the reply emails that meant I would hear news from the people I loved and missed. It was great for me at the time and now it’s a nice bit of documentation of what I was up to in 2020.

Studio News is now more of an irregular monthly. I still love doing it and look forward to the responses – including the constructive critiques on my creative pursuits.

You can peruse the archives of Studio News here. And if you want to be included on the email notification when the next issues comes out (no promises) let me know.